Scottish Country Dance holiday in the Alps.

23 – 30 June 2008

Ken Martlew brought his piano, and Ian Cutts his fiddle, and together they provided some wonderrful music for a whole week of dancing, communicating their energy and enthusiasm to the assembly.

Avril & David Quarrie called the dances with cheerful smiles and admirable clarity, Bruce Herbolt helped out to give them a rest, and Martin muddled through as usual.

Le Château de Passieres, originally built in the XIV century, was a pleasant surprise for everyone (though some found the dance hall/art gallery too small for their taste). But there were no complaints about the gentle floor, the varied menus, the service or the delightful surroundings. I am not sure that the spiral stone stairs were so well appreciated, but they kept our muscles working.

The young man (a student at Grenoble university) who served at table was the grandson of the previous owner of the château, and the guided tour he gave us was most interesting,

even if Martin's translations were not always as precise as he would have liked.

The view to the west :

Ken gave some tuition in playing SCD music, and, by the end of the week, the musicians were ready to play for several dances, providing great depth of sound for the evening. They also gave us a brief recital of bottle music: just the right amount of wine was drunk from eight bottles, so that each one provided a different note when blown. Each member of the band had one bottle and played his note as required to produce a tune.

The boat trip on lake Monteynard was pleasant and restful :

and the visit to Terre Vivante was warm :

Several people found the energy to hike in the mountains, others were happy to sit by the pool.

A few of the dancers :

* * *

Luckily, we did not need the alternative accommodation :-

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