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Don't wait for other people

to clear away the traffic.


Do it yourself :


Use a bicycle !



En français:

VELO: la liste de diffusion de la FUBicy 


Pour vous inscrire _ VELO,

envoyez un message vide a:


    Excusez le peu de mat_çériel en français !

Don't give the authorities the impression

that more roads are all that's necessary

to keep the people happy.

Remind those in power that better facilities

and greater safety for non-polluting bikers

can also win votes. 


Not that I think cycle paths are the best answer to cyclists' needs.

Or that a desire for greater safety implies that cycling is dangerous.

But for cyclists who have not yet acquired the self confidence needed to occupy

the road space that they have a right to use,

off-road bike paths are a way of encouraging more people into the saddle.

When cyclists are of a sufficient number -- as they are in the Netherlands --

they will be recognized as citizens

with a right to share the roads

that their taxes have paid for.

To see what town life could be like,if we planned our cities so that every day could be a car-free day:  Carfree.com           "Carfree Times" is published on Carfree.com in odd-numbered months.

Send e-mail to postmaster@carfree.com with the word "Subscribe" in the subject line. 

See what others think of our car-mad society on the alt-transport mailing list.

Send the command: "subscribe alt-transp" to majordomo@flora.ottawa.on.ca

Or send a "subscribe" command to: urbancyclist-uk-request@cycling.org

The urbancyclist-uk FAQ can be consulted at http://www.phase.org/urbancyclist/

Cycle-Lobby-Scot is a mailing list for cycle campaigners in Scotland.It aims to help Scottish cycle campaign groups work better together by sharing examples of best practice, and discussing the nature of campaigning and providing cycle-friendly infrastructure under the unique legal and govermental systems in Scotland.To subscribe, send a blank message to:cycle-lobby-scot-subscribe@egroups.com

Some reflexions on the auto industry

On a more international level,send a "subscribe tlcnet-streettalk" command to:Majordomo@igc.orgto find some good discussion.

An interesting association in GB is "Reclaim the Streets "http://www.hrc.wmin.ac.uk/campaigns/rts.html

More room for people and less for machines.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hey! we NEED that oxygen. . . . . . . . . . . . . .


The "Reclaim the Streets" page has an enormous list of WWW sites & organizations concerned with transport & environmental issues.

CAR BUSTERS Magazine & Resource Centrebased in Prague, Czechoslovakia.


Contact Car Busters to get on the list to receive the monthly e-mail bulletin,or view past bulletins at www.antenna.nl/eyfa/cb.

For more about cycling, see:

http://www.envirolink.org/orgs/greenaction/cycle.html -- UK cycle campaigns



For ways to get yourselves noticed as cyclists entitled to use roadspaceon an equal footing (...footing ?) with any other tax-payers:http://www.ph.ed.ac.uk/~jonivar/greens/cm/ -- Critical Mass in UK.

http://www.gallaudet.edu/~kjcole/Bike/CriticalMass.html -- Global Critical Mass.

Some ideas for better urban living, information gathered by a Frenchman for an exhibition in Denmark .

the International Bicycle Fund site,where you'll find everything you want to know about:- Non-Motorized Urban Planning & Design---Economic Development & Mobility-----Environment, Health and Transport-------Bicycle Safety, Education & Bike Helmets----------Bicycle Encouragement Programs & Bike To Work-Alternative Cycle Technology---History, Museums & Exhibit of Bicycling-----Youth Bike Programs-------Responsible Travel / Cultural Programs---------Bicycle Statistics-----------Non-Motorized Advocacy Worldwide-IBF Newsletter---IBF Grants-----IBF Publications-------Employment, Internships & Volunteering---------Conferences, Events, Cultural Tours & Touring-----------Africa By Bicycle

If you don't want to strain cold muscles while dancing, don't sit in a car. 

Links to other pages:


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True story :
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Histoire vraie :
Prisonnier au Sahara

(freedom of movement)

(freedom from fear & superstition)

10 - 09 - 06

Dernière révision : 27 – 09 - 06