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Danse écossaise
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Dance groups & clubs
in France

(scd events in Grenoble)

Le Chardon du Dauphiné
(club  de Grenoble)

of my modern country dances

My own modern country dances in the Scottish tradtion

Dance  holiday, 2008,  Trieves

Previous dance holidays in the Alps

Another SCD holiday in 2009

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True story :
Prisoner in the Sahara

Histoire vraie :
Prisonnier au Sahara

(freedom of movement)

Atheism (freedom from fear & superstition)





the webmaster in the Drummond of Perth kilt  

Yes, Scottish culture is alive and well south of the Channel,
at least as far as the music and dance are concerned.
Clubs are flourishing and multiplying around the country.
And not only ex-pats.
The French have lost the tradition of country dancing ,
but when they discover what others do all around the world,
they take up the pas de basque with enthusiasm.

You may be interested in seeing
a list of Scottish country dance groups and clubs in France
with contact addresses/phone numbers.

or even a calendar of SCD events
planned in Grenoble

A selection of my own modern country dances in the Scottish tradtion
may be viewed on the web.
Try them.
You may find them interesting, you will certainly find them challenging!

The dances are now grouped together in Google docs.


Since it is not obvious from the contents of this page,
let me add that I used to run the country dancing activities
in the Grenoble area of south-eastern France.

I am now living and of course dancing in southern Spain.

To contact me,

mail to:

In my adverts and fliers encouraging the public to give Scottish dancing a try,

I usually add "No need to be Scottish or to wear a kilt"

since our favorite garment may well be a deterrent to the convention-bound French.

Unlike in the English-speaking countries,
I have not noticed much interest among Frenchmen for unbifurcated leg-coverings,
and I sometimes see expressions of surprise on the faces of people I pass in the street
(more often, people try to pretend not to notice what I'm wearing).

All the men who take part in Scottish country dancing here, however, have soon found an excuse to buy, borrow or hire a kilt and need no encouragement to wear it.

Wives and girlfriends all approve.

For more about the wearing of kilt-like garments and the comfort they afford to the male anatomy, take a look at the Bravehearts page.

Or read the kilt-wearers' forums :

the European Kilt Forum

X marks the Scot (American)

Scottish Highland attire

How grand the human race would be

If every man would wear a kilt,

A flirt of Tartan finery,

Instead of trousers, custom built!

Nay, do not think I speak to joke:

(You know I’m not that kind of man),

I am convinced that all men folk.

Should wear the costume of a Clan.

 A Song For Kilts

by Robert Service.

Suggestions or informative contributions welcome.

-- je traduirai tout en français, si vous voulez,

puisque c'est en France que j'habite.

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